COREhub Direct - Domain Management Tool

COREhub S.R.L.U. (COREhub) is an 2013 RAA ICANN accredited domain name registrar.

COREhub Direct is a service that ensures that you as the domain holder will not lose your domain, when such domain name is no longer administered by a COREhub reseller. Once in COREhub Direct, you decide what is going to happen with your domain:

  • You can manage and renew your domain through this website.
  • You can initiate the appropriate steps to transfer your domain to another registrar.

  • How to manage your domain name with COREhub Direct

COREhub is directly in charge of domains in COREhub Direct. The holders of domains in COREhub Direct can manage them through this website. To start managing your domains in COREhub Direct, you must create and account and authenticate your domain/s.

  • How to renew your domain name with COREhub Direct

You can check the expiration date of your domain name by using the Whois service at

COREhub will send you expiration reminders approximately one month and seven days before it expires. Once you receive these reminders you must proceed to pay the renewal fee through this website, as indicated in those reminders. The current Renewal Fee for .com, .org, and .net domains is 50 EUR/year. Renewal fees for domains under other extensions can be found here: pricing. If payment is not effected in due time, your domain will become unavailable at first and may be deleted after eight (8) days, from which point it may still be restored subject to payment of the corresponding restore fee for 30 days. See Restore prices: pricing.

  • How to transfer your domain name to another registrar

If you wish to transfer your domain to another registrar/reseller, send us an email to and we will assist you. For your convenience, here is the list of other COREhub resellers: